Flume WG Training di Balai Teknologi Infrastruktur Pelabuhan dan Dinamika Pantai (BTIPDP)

Wave Generation Systems and Instrumentation for Basin & Flume

Balai Teknologi Infrastruktur Pelabuhan dan Dinamika Pantai (BTIPDP)


HR Wallingford (HRW) is one of the world’s largest suppliers of wave generation systems for use with physical models. And HRW also are an active user carrying out over 25 physical modelling studies a year for clients from around the world.


The instrumentation will be used to independently measure the wave heights and the impact of the waves upon physical model structures that the end user will test.


The wavemakers will generate regular and irregular, long-crested, with multi-directional waves both normal and oblique to the face of the paddles capable with the 3D multi element wavemaker.  

Piston wavemakers are used for both facilities because of their greater performance at longer wave periods (less stroke limitation) and their ability to generate large waves over a wider range of water depths when compared with hinged flap paddles.  These attributes will broaden the range of studies that can be undertaken in the two facilities allowing it to be used for both nearshore (shallow water) studies and also deeper water applications.

HR Wallingford’s wave generation systems offer:

High grade stainless steel (type 304) frame construction and the use of high quality components ensures low maintenance and a design life in excess of 20 years;

Active wave absorption reducing waves re-reflected from the paddles and calming the water in the basin after a test;

Sidewall reflection techniques (Virtual Waves) to maximise the useable area of the basin when generating oblique or short-crested seas;

An integral wave absorption beach within the wavemaker frame prevents splashing from the wet-back (rearward) paddle movements;

AC servo motors with intelligent digital drives provide precise control of the wave paddles;

Motion control of the wave generator is carried out using an embedded PLC with an industrial Ethernet protocol that offers excellent real time performance;

The HR Merlin wave generation software creates directional and multi-directional irregular sea states using the white noise method. It can also produce user defined waves, allowing specialist waves such as focused and solitary waves to be created;