EKO Beyond Accuracy

Environmental Science and Renewable Energy - Laboratorium Equipment

In the area of Environmental Science and Renewable Energy, EKO Instruments is manufacturing products with a focus on quality, originality, and creativity to satisfy the ever progressing needs of science in the global market. EKO Instruments is putting a great effort into the development of specialized sensors and system devices which support environmental protection, measurement of earth phenomena, and research and development of sustainable energy, such as solar and wind. We are actively participating in joint research and development with other businesses, universities, and government researchers. These alliances are leading to new products and new technology developments utilizing our combined knowledge and new facilities.


Photovoltaic Evaluation Systems

EKO Instruments has recognised the demand for sophisticated PV evaluation systems already before the renewable energy transition has started. Besides IV curve tracers, for which manufacturing was started 20 years ago, EKO provides highly accurate and reliable solar radiation measurement equipment for outdoor use already since 60 years. In the mean time our radiometer product portfolio ranges from high-quality pyranometers and modern DNI sensors (footnote: Direct Normal Incidence) to the widely used spectroradiometer product line which becomes a de-facto standard in PV performance evaluation.EKO Instruments offers the largest range of all weather Solar radiation & Photonic sensors designed for the most demanding applications in the professional markets and industries.

Our international clients can benefit from smart instrument synergies and innovative services which persistently improve and optimize the efficiency and quality of their photovoltaic systems and meteorological research.